Helene Farrar Art
big spruce orange sky.jpeg


My landscape works are poetic interpretations of quiet and observed moments, often of seasonal transitions, in both abstract and formal representations. Both of these sensibilities develop from direct observations of being in the landscape. In my abtract works I allow the paint to lead me allowing for experimental and playful surfaces. And other times, I develop the work to create believable dimensionality. The landscape is often a metaphor for a personal narrative such as this, “My heart has been heavy these days, maybe yours too. In light of the first snow that falls on Maine on an early morning - - - to my daughter's exclamations it forced a real, present moment. Raising my eyes, looking out at my side yard, the apple trees with freshly covered white, and feeling the peacefulness, the quiet, the stillness.” Drawing, journaling,  and meditation are all equally important components of this painting process.

To check availability of work for purchase, email Helene at helene@helenefarrar.com