Helene Farrar Art
"There She Is"


My journey into "Birdworks" started about fifteen years ago. I was sitting in a rental car in a New Mexico parking lot with my dying Mother.  She pointed out the window, "Look at those birds. They are just so lovely.  Here, give them my hamburger bun and let's just watch them."

As they swooped down for their dinner, their flying and fluttering forms forced a moment of quiet and observation in an otherwise intense and painful period in my life. And so my first paintings of birds inspired by that specific time had begun. I do informally bird watch and fondly visit nearby farms for inspiration. These  paintings have grown into personal meditation through process, narratives from daily life, portraits, commentaries on life and relationships, and a generous slice of humor. 

In 2013, Daniel Kany, Art Critic awarded Farrar “Juror’s Award” at the Harlow Gallery Annual Juried Show and wrote in regards to ‘White Pullet’, “ This piece combines sophisticated qualities of encaustic painting with object qualities both of the subject and the painting itself. It has a clear take on the figure / ground relationship and imbues its subject with a vital dynamism that, with playful irony, jumps back and forth between physical observation conceptual commentary. While this is an impressively strong and memorable image, it hints that painting as image is being left behind for sculptural craft as the vessel for ideas – after all:  Beside the white chicken there are no ideas but in things.”

To check availability of work for purchase, email Helene at helene@helenefarrar.com